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NOTE: Competition Director(s) can over-rule any of the below rules and guidelines at any time where they see fit. Especially if it is a matter of safety.



  • Competitors Enter at OWN RISK, GTB Pty Ltd and its Directors/Staff accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury to any dancer, audience member or anyone else at any time.

  • For Age Cut off dates, ALL GROUP AGES ARE AS AT JANUARY 1 of the competition year. SOLO/DUO/TRIO Ages are as at the the first day of the competition you are attending. Exact age cut offs are on the entry form specific to the competition you are entering. 

  • Get the Beat is a Dance competition for Amateur dancers only* (definition – competitor is not working full time as a dance teacher or performer)

  • ENTRIES CLOSE WHEN COMPETITION IS FULL.To assist the office, please submit entries as early as possible online. Online payment will be by paypal, credit card, or direct debit.

  • If we decide to accept late entries, these will incur a $5 surcharge on top of the normal entry fee. The competition organizer has full discretion whether or not to accept late entries.

  • Enter online at For assistance in entering contact the Get The Beat office via

  • Submissions will not qualify or be recognized as an “entry” until PAID IN FULL by verified funds (particular to Bank Transfer entries) and ALL necessary information is provided, including: Full Name of competitor, Date of birth, contact information.

  • Please let us know if entries are incorrect before the event. We will do our best to correct any mistakes made by entrants

  • The Management Team has the right to amend the program at any time.

  • Bullying during the competition is not acceptable and any evidence of such bullying will result in instant dismissal from the competition. Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. This includes attempting to recruit students from other studios to attend yours at one of our events.

  • CHOREOGRAPHY OWNERSHIP - Parents, Dancers and Teachers/Choreographers must all be aware of what routines are being performing on GTB Stages. If a student has left a Dance studio please ensure you have permission from past choreographers/teachers to be able to continue to perform routines whose ownership may be in question at GTB events. Disputes in regards to this must be mediated and handled with class (outside of social media or the event itself) by the parties involved - but not involving any GTB staff or Directors - we will not get involved in this, we simply ask that you do the right thing.


In the event of a Venue or Government directed cancellation of an event due to anything that affects the running of an event (eg COVID-19), Get the Beat will do the following:

1. The event will become an online event whereby each dancer will supply a video of each performance to be judged online with audio feedback and the same prizes we would have handed out, mailed to each contestant.


Please note, GTB events are prepared months in advance, your entries into our events weeks or months before we run them are invested into an entire year of tour which may include - Prizes, Non refundable Venue Deposits, Staff Travel and Accommodation, Flooring, Judges and their travel, Fixtures, Administration, etc. Our calendar runs all 12 months and there is ample opportunity to transfer entries to a future event if for a good reason you cannot make one that you entered. A suitable amount of notice must be given. A Transfer fee may be applied of $10 per solo.

  • If you cannot make an event you entered, consider a transfer to a future event, we can help you if the reason is legible.

  • No refunds are given for change of mind, other commitments, or clash with another competition.

  • If a dancer becomes injured, an event transfer will become available, or credit for the following year will apply.

  • If GTB is forced to cancel an event (State or Federal Government direction or venue enforced cancellation) the event will become an online regional and we will accept old videos or newly created studio or home videos from dancers.

DIGITAL PROGRAMS ONLY FOR 2019- REGIONALS (Singapore may be an exception)

  • In 2019- we will be printing less paper and doing our bit for the environment. All Regional programs will be digital! We will still email out a draft copy (for checking and alterations), a final version, and also posting a final version on our monitored app "GTB Dance". The Finals Program will still be printed in A4 size.



  • BE SAFE and come prepared! Not all venues have the facilities for ice-packs etc

  • Each Studio (entered in groups) MUST provide their own first aid person, ice, and first aid kit. GTB Staff are not responsible for providing any first aid equipment or ice/heat products.



  • No mail in, phone, or fax entries will be accepted, unless authorised by the competition organiser. All entries must be registered online.

  • Late entries will be considered at the organiser’s discretion.

  • Entry fees are non refundable.

  • Groups must consist of at least four competitors.

  • 'Age' of a competitor is defined on entry page.

  • The competition is open to ‘Amateur’ competitors (definition – competitor is not working full time as a dance teacher or performer)

  • Music, lyrics, costumes and dance content must be age and event appropriate.

  • Any one item may be performed TWICE only during the duration of the Competition, unless otherwise asked by the event organizer, eg Gala Qualifier

  • NEW LEVELS FROM 2024: Beginner (less than 18 months of solo stage experience only) Intermediate (only for dancers that did not place 1st-5th in previous years GTB Singapore event) Elite (dancers that placed 1st-5th in GTB Singapore previous year and new entrants that don't qualify for Beginner solos - mainly for overseas dancers). Please contact us for any issues.

  • If a style is not available for the age group of the competitor, he/she may dance up an age group.

  • The definition of 'FULL TIME DANCE STUDENTS' for the purpose of competing in dance groups in this Eisteddfod will be any 
dancer who is enrolled in a dance course offering full time education in any dance discipline regardless of actual hours involved. These students are not paid professionals and still classed as amateur, therefore are still able to compete at our competitions.

  • If you enter or part enter, you may be subject to email campaigns (newsletters etc) until you unsubscribe (if necessary)



Any accusations of foul play (dancer in wrong level or age group etc) should be brought to the attention of the competition directors in writing in the first instance. GTB will only act as a middle person and will involve the studio owner/teacher to resolve. A result that does not impact the dancer (child) in a negative way in a mental capacity will be sought before any action is taken if necessary.


  • Music is via our Dropbox system from 2019, We do not accept CD's at our events anymore, If you cannot supply music via the dropbox system please bring USB's early in your session so we can add to the music playlist.

  • All music must be uploaded before the event cut of time.

  • All music must be age appropriate and free of any apparent profanity or vulgar language. Disqualification may occur if it is deemed the music is of this nature.

  • Time limits stated are maximum allowed. A solo performance is 3 minutes, song and dance is 3.30 minutes, duos/trios are 3 minutes, groups are 5 minutes.

  • Copyright Laws must be adhered to at all times. Entrants must be aware of their copyright responsibilities. Get The Beat is in no way responsible for personal breach of copyright. If in doubt contact APRA & AMCOS. Entrants are responsible for royalty payments if any.

  • Get the Beat is not responsible for any music that is not reclaimed at the completion of an event (we basically chuck it out).



  • A competitor cannot compete against her/himself in any solo category. If a contestant has two routines of the same style, they are permitted to dance up an age group, but not in an age group below (dancer cannot enter different levels with the same style)

  • Dancers under the age of 13 (as at January 1 of the year competing) are NOT ABLE to dance in Open Age Group categories EXCEPT for Acro and EXCEPT if prior approval by GTB Management - this is mainly for Senior routines that are "senior" in style - just contact us, most acts will be fine...

  • The decision of the adjudicator(s)/judge(s) is final.

  • While a dancer is eligible to dance up an age group, the dancer is only eligible to receive overall awards (top 10, Top 5, runner up, winner, dream jr etc) for their own age group, if they are competing in their own age group at the same competition (i.e. in the program).

  • Prompting, except by adjudicator(s)/judge(s), is not be permitted.

  • Please respect the adjudicator(s)/judge(s) and refrain from speaking to him/her/them during the competition. If you need help with anything related to the adjudicator(s)/judge(s) please see the competition organisers in the first instance.

  • Should a competitor leave the stage as a result of having forgotten their routine or the music is corrupted, they will be asked to perform again just once.

  • No microphones to be used in any section, unless Directors decide to use them at a particular event.

  • All performances must be on the stage provided. No jumping off the stage or audience participation is allowed. Points/Placings may be deducted/lowered if the adjudicator feels the song choice or the movements are inappropriate for the category.

  • All competitors must be ready to perform at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, they are expected to be ready earlier.

  • Studios may compete "against each other" in group sections - e.g. have more than 1 routine in any particular section.



  • Any new studio must comply with a 12-18 month grace period in which to enter studio groups at a GTB competition. This means a studio opening cannot enter group acts until 12-18 months (GTB Director discretion) after being in business. This rule is out of respect to loyal studios whom have been in business and attending GTB for many years. We are highly aware of poaching tactics and negative studio culture disrupting events and damaging supporting businesses and ultimately damaging the GTB culture. This also acts as a safety barrier for any new studios for any pre-conceived before-mentioned acts of negativity.



  • Competitors must check in with the backstage stage manager prior to dancing.

  • Competitors must change in dressing rooms. Public areas are not be utilised as change rooms.

  • Absolutely no rehearsing in corridors or passageways.

  • All backstage personnel will be required to carry a current Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian's bluecard.

  • Please use glitter and hairspray outside and not in a closed area where it could be a health hazard to other competitors.



  • GTB is in no way any form of care / child care facility

  • Every under age competitor must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who accepts full responsibility for the child at all times

  • Any child seen to be without a guardian will result in GTB contacting authorities to respond.



  • Groups must be supervised at all time.

  • You must adhere to the venues policies and procedures at all times (eg Smoking, alcohol etc)

  • Dressing rooms will be allocated on the day and is discretion of the competition organisers.

  • In shared dressing rooms all competitors and associated parties are expected to demonstrate respect for the space, 
costumes and belongings of others at all times.

  • All electrical equipment used must be tagged and tested by a certified electrician.

  • Please be mindful of what you bring into a dressing room, hot drinks etc will be not allowed backstage.

  • Music/vocal volumes for rehearsals must be kept to a minimum at all times in all areas.

  • Please be mindful of rubbish and any mess created by a studio/school backstage or in any dressing rooms. Any excess cleaning required could result in a fine to the studio up to $200.

  • Any individual/studio/school found to have caused damage to their dressing space will be charged relevant repair costs. If preexisting damage is noted when you arrive in your dressing area the convener must be advised immediately.



Get the Beat welcomes the use of props. Please be aware the transportation, set-up and tear-down of props are the sole responsibility of the studio or individual utilizing these props. For the dancers safety please ensure that any props used during our events are non-dangerous and not likely to injure/harm or potentially end anyones life. Get the Beat will not be held responsible for any potential injury or death resulting from a prop or props. It is the Studio or individuals responsibility to clean up after any prop use and ensure the stage is ready for the next act. Any props left at the completion of the event will be disposed of.

All props backstage must be labeled with studio name for identification purposes.



Absolutely no cameras, camcorders, or any other recording devices are permitted to use within the performance or dressing areas unless otherwise specified by the event organisers. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the venue. The purpose of this guideline is to protect the dancers and the intellectual property of the choreographers/studios.

All contestants grant permission to the directors of Get the Beat to use their photographs or to appear on local and/or national television to promote its competitions.



Every care will be taken for competitors' safety, but the Management Team will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any competitor or to property during the competition. Any performing dancer in these competitions takes certain risks in order to perform, these may include Strains, Sprains, Bruises, Broken Bones, Pulled muscles, and more. Participation in any Get the Beat competition indicates acceptance of such risks by performers. By accepting our terms and conditions every entrant will not hold Get the Beat, Shannon Cliff, Felicity Cliff, or any other staff members or volunteers responsible for illnesses, injuries, damages sustained by participating in any activity relating to Get the Beat dance competition, workshop, or related.
GTB competitions are NOT a baby-sitting service, every dancer attending must be in the full care of a parent or legal guardian who accepts all responsibility for the dancer.




  • BALLET- Routine which must include classical steps and ballet technique. Ballet or pointe shoes only. THIS IS CLASSED AS "CLASSICAL" FOR ENTRY PURPOSES.

  • COMMERCIAL CONTEMPORARY- A routine which combines both lyrical and modern movements. Routine must show balance and control, commercial will also include innovative, cutting edge themes

  • TRADITIONAL CONTEMPORARY - A routine which combines both lyrical and modern movements. Routine must show balance and control, Traditional includes classically based, foundation training, inspired by artists such as Alvin Ailey

  • MUSICAL THEATRE – Routine is theatrical in nature and is choreographed to music from broadway or a cinematic musical. Singing and/or lipsyncing is permitted, but not compulsory. Can be a Cabaret Dance

  • MUSICAL THEATRE (VOCALS ONLY)- Singing and/or Characterisation/Acting only, dance is NOT permitted in this section. THIS STYLE CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE MUSICAL THEATRE OR THE OPEN SECTION

  • SONG & DANCE- Routine must contain both singing & dancing. Singing or vocals not permitted on backing track. However, we do allow for some backing vocals and full vocals on the dance section only.

  • HIP HOP- A dance which consists of the latest street or break dance style, as seen in current dance videos.

  • SLOW MODERN/LYRICAL- Routine is choreographed utilising lyrical technique and maintains the theme of the music in a slow, controlled movement that demonstrates a close connection to the musical piece. Dancers must display balance, flexibility and control.

  • TAP– Routine is choreographed utilizing traditional or contemporary techniques/steps and/or rhythm patterns. No tap sounds are permitted in the music to aide the dancer. Dancers must wear tap shoes. Any style or tempo is permitted.

  • STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHY- Must be produced by the student with no teacher assistance.

  • SPEED TAP -  A Tap routine with a very fast tempo. No tap sounds are permitted in the music to aide the dancer. Dancers must wear tap shoes. THIS CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE OPEN SECTION

  • SONG & TAP - Routine must contain both singing & dancing. Singing or vocals not permitted on backing track. However, we do allow for some backing vocals and full vocals on the dance section only. Dance style must be Tap. THIS CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE SONG & DANCE OR THE OPEN SECTION

  • MODERN EXPRESSIVE EN POINTE -  A modern routine to commercial music, combining modern dance elements and the classical ballet elements. Pointe shoes must be worn. THIS CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE OPEN SECTION

  • BROADWAY JAZZ - A broadway themed jazz routine to a song from a Broadway or Cinematic Musical THIS STYLE CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE MUSICAL THEATRE OR THE OPEN SECTION

  • DEMI CHARACTER- Routine portraying an easily recognizable character throughout, such as a cat, clown, etc. with music, costume and dance. Can incorporate any form of dance or gymnastics/acrobatics. Routine may include 50% acrobatics/gymnastics. THIS STYLE CAN BE PERFORMED IN THE CLASSICAL OR THE OPEN SECTION

  • JAZZ (also known as MODERN) – Routine is choreographed utilizing jazz technique and movement. This involves moves such as splits, kicks and isolations.

  • ACRO– Routine is comprised of gymnastic and/or acrobatic work with any amount of dance choreography.

  • PRODUCTION- Studio's choice, normally the opening group number to a concert or end of year performance. Time limit is up to 10 minutes and can encompass many different songs or mixes or ages. FOR GROUPS ONLY, PERFORM IN THE ANY STYLE SECTION

  • IMPROV - Get the Beat hosts an improv competition at selected regionals! The Improv competition is divided up by age category where possible. Formatted much like an audition, the dancers are each assigned a number and perform their improv for the adjudicators in groups as large as 30. Following the preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds, the adjudicators determine the top 3 competitors and they are awarded the prizes. This style of Improv is quite ruthless and we advise that competitors enter at their own risk, parents be advised of the nature of "being cut" on stage - although this can be similar to real world audition processes.

  • OPEN- Can be a 2nd routine in the same genre already performed or to be performed. Cannot just do it in this section If we have the style available in other sections. Can be a routine we don't have a section for also.

*Open Age Hip Hop Groups/Troupes/Crews has no age or amateur status requirements. GTB welcomes competing Hip Hop crews that compete at HHI or similar and thus rules for this section, and this section only, have been relaxed to allow teachers/professionals to compete alongside students as they do in other Hip Hop crew competitions.



From 2020, we are making some exciting positive changes for everybody involved. After the continued overwhelming positive feedback and gratitude from families for our finals awards system we will be implementing a similar structure for our regional tour, therefore increasing our generosity towards competitors.

All solo sections: 1st place: Custom GTB Award, 2nd/3rd/4th/5th place: GTB Custom Mega Medal
6th place onwards (eg everyone else in the section): Custom GTB medallion to match awarded score ranking given by the judge
HIGH GOLD (0-80) PLATINUM (81-90) DBL PLATINUM (90-95) DIAMOND (96+) 

  • HIGH GOLD will qualify you for Starz division at GTB Finals

  • PLATINUM will qualify you for National Finals Competition at GTB Finals

  • DBL PLATINUM will qualify you for National Finals Competition at GTB Finals plus the prestigious Champion of Champions

  • DIAMOND will qualify you for National Finals Competition at GTB Finals plus the prestigious Champion of Champions

HIGH POINT: If you receive a high score in your section you will receive a special award and you qualify for HIGH POINT DANCE OFF at GTB Finals + Champion of Champions (if not already qualified)


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