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Welcome to GTB Singapore 2024!
Please make sure to read the rules below before entering!


NEW for 2024:
New Levels (Intermediate/Elite)
More Ages (Additional age sections - 21-30, 30+)
More Beginner Sections

2024 = NEW LEVELS!!!

You asked - We listened!

In 2024 we offer 4 levels to the Singapore GTB Competition!

Very important to understand where your dancer sits in each of their solos, My First Solo and Beginner we have had before and are easy to navigate - for Intermediate and Elite - its a matter of whether or not the dancer placed in the 2023 GTB competition or not. 

All Dancers that didn't compete last year and have had previous experience at solo competitions will be asked to enter Elite Level (applies to all foreign dancers). Studio Teachers can contact us if they wish to lower the level in any particular circumstance.

Main things to know:

My First Solo - first time on stage with a solo

Beginner - less than 18 months solo experience

Intermediate - didn't place last year at GTB Singapore

Elite - placed last year at GTB Singapore

There will be cases where the dancer can be in a different level than the rules state (for example, section only had 5 dancers so all placed, teacher wants dancer to be in Elite level, Beginner dancer won a general solo section, etc etc) 

The rules will cover most dancers, for those that don't quite fit - please just ask us and we can determine with the teachers help where a dancer should fit. Intermediate level is really designed for kids that don't normally place and are not yet at a high level of skill in dance, so please use that as a guide and be fair.



This is compulsory for each dancer and covers all viewing, digital program production and delivery, public liability insurance, plus the increase in administration due to current global events. Please note this fee is non-refundable for such instances as "change of mind", "conflict of other events on at the time", "no show" etc - Injuries we can accommodate with transfers to other events (medical certificate required)


Please ensure to check the program draft and make sure your child is in the correct age group (age is based on the start day of each regional for solos, duos, trios. Also check for spelling and correct styles.

Email if you see any issues.



We will ask for you to upload your music into your dropbox prior to each competition, an email will be sent 1-2 weeks before the start date once programs have been numbered. If you have entered multiple GTB Regionals you will need to do this for EACH regional as the competitor numbers will be different for each one. Your dropbox is the same folder you will receive your judges audio feedback once the competition is done. We will announce when we have sent these out and you will put your music in labelled the following way – ACT NUMBER-NAME-STYLE (eg 15-CHLOE CLIFF-JAZZ)


In the event of a Venue or Government directed cancellation of an event due to anything that affects the running of an event (eg COVID-19), Get the Beat will do the following:

1. The event will become an online event whereby each dancer will supply a video of each performance to be judged online with audio feedback and the same prizes we would have handed out, mailed to each contestant. This will be well communicated to all competitors. We will also refund 30% of your entry fees if this happens. 

Please understand that GTB is prepared and determined to run every event as planned in 2023 plus put on extra events if necessary to be able to cater to all dancers committed to our events. The events that have opened are all locked in, staffed and prepped, the only thing that will stop us hosting an event is if the Government restricts us. It is possible that we may be able to postpone certain events rather than resort to videos.


These will be placed into your dropbox folder (the same you will use for your music upload)



Doors will open approx 30 minutes to one hour before start time each day. Please check program and arrive a good time before your child is scheduled to dance.



There will be a small door charge for every session at GTB Singapore. Depending on restrictions at the time, it may be allocated seating and pre-purchased limited seating only.



More info soon.



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